Monday, 1 December 2014

MobileMagic: the Grey Sunday edition

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Smart. Love this from CRUK.

Lou wrote this post about the new work we’ve done with Canal & River Trust. ‘Putting hedgehogs in your pocket.’

Mobile fundraising: You're nowhere without it. An article in The Fundraiser that some words I said were written down and published.

Amnesty launches Detekt tool to scan for state spyware on phones and PCs. In a post Snowden world this is an interesting thing for a NGO to offer…

Filming for freedom: 8yo Palestinian girl uses smartphone to report on Israeli occupation. Predictions are silly. I predict that the phrase digital story telling will be used more in 2015. But lets not worry about the term.  Lets do more of it in fundraising.

Apple Pay gains momentum. We’re watching you Apple…

WhatsApp evidence used to divorce nearly half of Italian adulterers. Insert lazy stereotypical reference to the homeland here…

People Now Spend More Time Looking at Mobile Screens Than TV. This is going to annoy a lot of TV people.

A note on that picture. Team Mobile went to an awards do last week. We didn't win. But we did have fun!

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