Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Incredible, amazing, wow.

I keep being drawn back to this amazing film.

It's the advert being run on Channel 4 in the UK to promote their coverage of the 2012 Paralympic Games, the film is titled 'Meet the Superhuman'

It makes the hairs on my arms stand on end.

As fundraisers we need to convey the emotional impact of our work like this. This should be our standard.

Channel 4 Paralympic Games - Meet The Superhuman from BasketUSA on Vimeo.

If there was a financial ask at the end of this - I'd give.

Update 14/08: For some reason the video has been taken off Vimeo and embedding is disabled on YouTube. So watch it here. It is AMAZING.


  1. So I've watched this about 15 times already because it's maybe the best ad I've ever seen in my life, but instead of giving, I just went out and bought tickets to 7 events. I'd say mission accomplished.

  2. I do love it - I stop every time I see it on TV and have replayed it dozens of times - but my one quibble with it is the bit in the middle. Why should it matter how the athletes got the bodies they have?

    1. Totally take your point!

      I think it would be good without that section. But, it's that bit that made stop in my tracks the first time I saw it.

      Now I've seen it several times, I'm not so sure...

    2. Other people I've spoken to think that interlude really makes the ad for them - they appreciate the contrast. I just wonder if it plays into a 'tragic' narrative for people with disabilities - I'd love to hear some responses from Paralympic atheletes to the ad and hear what they think.
      Overall though, C4 are doing an amazing job promoting the Paralympics; love the focus on each sports in their interviews e.g.:

    3. I've been looking for a reaction to the ad online and am finding mainly positive things. And thanks for the link! ;)

  3. In my book, these guys are the REAL Olympians! Thanks for posting it on your blog and thanks to the perspon Linkedin for letting me find it too!