Tuesday 3 July 2012

Oh. Awkward.

So, ever since I became aware of the annual popularity contest that that is the 50 most influential fundraisers poll. I've taken the piss out of it.

And now I'm on it.

This makes things a little bit awkward. Because on one hand I can hear the 26 year old version of me shouting all sorts of unrepeatable words and phrases in my direction. And on the other I'm humbled that anyone would go to the trouble of voting for me. So if you did, thank you.

The 26 year old me fully expects the 40 year old me to let it all go to my head, become a prima donna, fall spectacularly out of favour over the next 12 months and drop out of the list entirely.


  1. Well done Paul! You've taken my place this year luuver. Keep it warm :)

    1. Totally! Am expecting my usual spot of 123rd next year.

  2. Don't worry Greg, I haven't heard of any of these people except for Aline & you. Okay, and Ken Burnett.

    Congrats on being chosen!

  3. Only surprise is it didn't happen sooner!