Saturday 19 September 2015


I was away in Palermo, Sicily last week. 

A place that is on the frontline of the current refugee crisis. 

There have been lots of articles recently about the use of smartphones and technology by refugees. I’ve been unsure whether to include them in this roundup as I don’t want to appear crass or opportunistic. This after all is just a poxy summary of mobile news and the current refugee crisis is far far more important that this.

But I’m sharing them as I think you will be interested in them. 

Tech helps refugees make the journey - and survive when they arrive . From the New Scientist.

That’s it for this edition.

NB. The picture above was taken by Katia when we were in Palermo. The banner calls for immediate safe passage for refugees and is accompanied by lists of all those who have died in their attempt to reach Europe.

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