Friday, 5 February 2016

MobileMagic: the TRUMPED edition

One billion. This is news. It’s WhatsApp news. It’s MASSIVE news.

The rise of WhatsApp on JustGiving, and other interesting stats from 2015. The JustGiving blog is a great place for all sorts of nuggets. Like the fact they've raised £1M via WhatsApp shares...

Facebook Messenger: inside Mark Zuckerberg's app for everything. Great article about FB’s plans for messenger. Messaging is the next social network if it ain’t already.

Starbucks Earnings: Mobile Payments Growth.  Whilst it would be lovely if they paid their taxes, we can all learn a thing or two from the Starbucks mobile experience. This mobile payments thing is real people. It will not go away.

Bernie Saunders uses SMS real good... (#FeelTheBern). I like what politicians in the USA do with mobile and messaging. It’s smart. We could do the same here. Charities could do the same here.

Samsung and Apple are using conflict minerals, says watchdog. Is your phone conflict free? Amnesty will tell you.

YouTube Videos Can Now be Used to Raise Money for Charity. Coming soon to a mobile screen near you.

'They're the worst': Why agencies are trying to kick the PowerPoint habit. WTAF?!

And not forgetting

Monday, 1 February 2016

Bernie Saunders uses SMS real good... (#FeelTheBern)

A photo posted by Bernie Sanders (@berniesanders) on

The picture above and the two below. Oh, just political campaigners in the USA showing us how to use mobile in political campaigns properly...

I really think 'join the SMS list' could be a great tool for UK charities. SMS messages get read. It helps.

A photo posted by Bernie Sanders (@berniesanders) on

A photo posted by Bernie Sanders (@berniesanders) on

All the digital stats you could ever need courtesy of We Are Social...

The good people of We Are Social have just released their annual Digital report. Is really is an invaluable resource from quite obviously lovely people. Enjoy.

Monday, 25 January 2016

If you keep on doing the same things, the same things will keep on happening...

Cancer Research UK 60 second ad from Digital Team on Vimeo.

CRUK are smart.

They're big and very successful.

But they weren't always big.

They got big because they worked hard at being successful.

Their latest campaign shows that they are getting ready for the new world of fundraising. Whatever that means...

Anthony explains it better in his own words.

When we sat out to do this we wanted not just another ad campaign but a communications platform.
Lots of the work we do is direct marketing – we want people to do something directly in response whether that is donating, volunteering or presenting at the doctors earlier.
To that point, we had a change of strategy from working marketing through brand and direct response separately to being much more ‘brand response’ – so expecting that all our activity will generate a direct response and brand impact as well. Bringing those together.
Full article here.