Friday, 7 October 2016

MobileMagic: the Trumpet Trump edition...

Trump’s grassroots fundraising driven by 'huge' burn rate. I applaud this sh!t fundraising.

The Evolution of Mobile in Clinton and Trump’s Campaigns. More from across the pond.

How mobile is changing the way we respond to disasters. SMS, apps and WhatsApp. It’s all there. But then it would be. Because we are mobile init. turns to the power of video. This is actually big news, all the social channels optimise their platforms for video and doing the same thing could have a huge impact on whether your petition flies or not. We are all becoming filmmakers. I made a brilliant one here, (not really).

Are charities making it easy to donate via mobile? What do you think the answer is?

These 2 Brands Made a Facebook Messenger Bot to Draw Awareness to Ethiopia's Water Crisis. I missed this at the time.

Are You Really Okay With The Idea Of Creativity?  Not digital or mobile. But a very good read from the often excellent Sell! Sell! Blog.

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Asking the right questions...

The theme of this year's IFC conference is ‘Asking the Right Questions’.

As someone who spends most of his time working with UK charities I don’t think there has ever been a better time to pause, breathe and think about the things we can do to drive real change in the way we inspire and move the public to take action for the causes we have the privilege to represent.

For a very long time fundraisers in the UK have been in optimisation mode. Monthly giving by Direct Debit was our goal and all roads have led to the optimisation of the channels and tactics that have delivered monthly givers at scale and for as little outlay as possible.

But now is the time to change. This doesn’t mean that monthly giving isn’t important. But we do need to diversify the methods by which we recruit and retain donors. And we need to offer donors more choice in how they support us than a low value monthly gift.

A major part of my day finds me thinking up how we do this, specifically how we use digital techniques to do this. 

Coming up with ideas is the relatively easy bit: we all exist in a digital world and can all be inspired by the emergence of new technologies to help us come up with new methods to deliver better advocacy and fundraising programmes.

But there is a problem, the problem is that there is so much happening in technology and digital. There’s so much going on that we need a framework or method to make sure we make the right decisions on where to invest our energy and budgets.

So we should focus our decisions on which ideas to develop based on the answers to questions in three key areas:

Technology. What does technology enable?

Does the technology exist to do the thing we want to do? It’s possible to develop anything if you have the time and money. But building from the ground up is expensive and fraught with danger. Before we build anything we need to be sure that there aren’t already platforms or products in existence which we can fuse together to deliver our idea. I honestly believe that the organisations that invest time and resources here will be at the forefront of redefining the fundraising model.

Behaviour. What are people actually doing?

This is the biggie. An idea that is built around a fancy piece of technology that doesn’t have mass appeal or mass adoption won’t drive mass response. It is that simple. And a piece of technology that requires people to do something that sits outside of their existing behaviours has to deliver real value to us and meet an identified audience need if we are to consider it. There are too many ‘cool’ ideas that end up being launched and then die quietly. To get traction, our ideas have to born out of and be built upon existing behaviour.

And while we are here. Not very many people want another login to another closed platform. We all have too many passwords to remember and the only people who will bother are your most engaged. Strive to personalise the experience of people supporting you, but don’t hide it away.

Impact. What will deliver the biggest impact?

I worry this question doesn’t get asked enough. Will this idea deliver impact at the level we want or need? And for clarity I mean impact as defined by you, so that’s money, actions, likes, shares, whatever it is you know you need to do. Will your idea deliver it?

So, by all means develop your Virtual Reality fused with Android Pay idea. But don’t be surprised if those who don’t use Android Pay don’t get involved.

So ask the right questions!

It really is about asking the right questions about the areas that have the biggest potential to transform our future success. If you have an idea that utilises existing technology, is based on what your target audience are already doing and can deliver impact you need you’ve hit the sweet spot - it’s the idea to pursue.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

MobileMagic: the wireless headphones edition...

The Guardian view on internet security: a huge and growing problem. An interesting perspective on security.

The Mainstreaming of Black Lives Matter. This is a great article. It makes me what to scream when online activism is dismissed as Slacktivism...

This week's mobile stat is Olympic based. I send it in case you didn’t get the memo that mobile is where most audiences are at.

The WhatsApp-Response. How WhatsApp isn being used by nonprofits in the field.

Twitter Adds Read Receipts, Typing Indicators, Web Link Previews to DMs. Every platform wants to be your favourite messaging app. Which is why we bang on about messaging all the time.

I'm looking to join the Open mobile/digital team as an account manager. Details here. I'd really appreciate if if you could share it around the internet for me.

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

MobileMagic: the Sunday in front of Mo addition

I was in the USA last week. At DC airport on the way back I bought this. 

A photo posted by Paul de Gregorio (@degregoriopaul) on

Mobile banking on the rise as payment via apps soars by 54% in 2015. This type of stuff is really important to us. The more people move money around using their phones, the more opportunity there is for fundraising. Which brings me neatly to this. M-commerce: has the mobile web finally won?

Snapchat users getting older. Probably superseded by Instagram Stories? BTW, my Instagram Story is exactly as you'd expect.

Turkish Protesters Are Spray Painting "" and "" On Walls — Here's What It Means. Protest is so so different in this digital age. Love this story.

Money as Message. A great article about money and messaging.

And then this. Charity: water using chatbots to take donations in Facebook messenger. A tiny rant: There is already comment online which suggests Charity: water have delivered an awful experience, that no human wants to give in this way, which IMHO is kind of missing the point. I don’t think anyone wants to give to a robot. But, this step one in the development of the technology, it will get better. Those that invest or at least keep aware of emerging tech will do better as the world changes, than those that seek to pick holes in progress. RANT ENDS.

Lots to learn from the US presidential race. Look at Hillary Clinton with her fancy approach to winning. "No matter where you are, you can help Hillary win in November. All you need is a smartphone”.

And finally. How charities are adopting WhatsApp. Includes some quotes from your favourite chap from Somerset. (That’s me by the way).

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