Thursday, 10 April 2014

MobileMagic: the there's something about Maria edition

Why people love Twitter + TV. Not strictly mobile, but we all access Twitter on our mobiles right? And the graphs, oh the graphs. Geek heaven.

Fundraising campaign puts beacons inside 275 eggs across New York. Remember that Big Egg Hunt fing that we did. Well look at it now.

Are you ready to meet the child who’ll change your life? One of ours. We’re really proud of this. Basically, we’ve figured out how to personalise SMS & MMS. Lots of potential here.

Tesco trials iBeacons but rules out marketing messages use. It’s probably about time you learnt about iBeacon. And what a quote from Mr Tesco regarding mobile… "Lack of expertise is a big challenge, not just in our company, but a lot of agencies don’t get it. They claim they do, but if you scratch the surface they don’t."

Banking technology brings' seismic decline’ in branch transactions. The daily use of banking apps has doubled in the last 12 months, while visits to actual bricks & mortar has dropped 30% in the last four years.

Mobile to Surpass Newspapers for UK Ad Spending. And I still can’t find anyone that admits to clicking a mobile banner…

60 Percent Of Internet Access Is Mostly Mobile. A number that will not go down!

And I'm sorry about the image. Still searching for 'mobile & hipster'. Can't. Help. It.


Multi screening. It's not new. But this neat little video shows a lot of facts & stats on how mobile devices are becoming the first screen in a multi screen world...

And it's got all buzz words covered. Including infographic.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fuck the poor

Well the brand book says positive messaging works.

Sent to me by Ben. Looks like it was filmed outside the old P&B office

Sunday, 6 April 2014

One million and counting

I was given a SolarAid light by Richard when he came in last year to talk to me about mobile giving. 

It's a simple and brilliant idea. A solar powered light can help so many people in Africa, but I love the images of kids doing their homework using them.

They have just handed out the millionth light. And they have made this awesome video to celebrate the fact.  

I guarantee it will make you smile.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

MobileMagic: Something about Selfie

It’s been a while. This week there are a lot of selfie posts knocking around. So here’s the selfie section…

No make-up selfie trend helps cancer research charity raise £1million in 24 hours. Of course it ended up being closer to £8 million for CRUK, with the majority coming via SMS.

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? A review from Lisa Clavering's Blog.

Auto-correct turns 'no make-up selfie' donations into polar bear adoptions. That bit where people were sending the wrong word and sponsoring Polar Bears...!

In other news…

Vast majority of CRUK’s smartphone gamers are not in the UK. This is big news. Imagine if there was a way to make money from games all over the world… oh!

Ukraine: Army raises $1m via text appeal for funds. Someone actually asked if this was one of ours. I think they were joking!

80% of UK users access Twitter via their mobile. And bears do their business in the woods.

Tesco CEO reveals plans for 'personalised digital Clubcard'. It’s not just your credit card that your mobile will see off.

And it would appear I can't beat the ludicrous stock image habit.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

CRUK. Clever.

Respond quickly. Harness the public mood. Make it easy. And repeat.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

MobileMagic: The egg chasing edition

Mumbai police starts SMS helpline for women travelling alone. Not really a fundraising thing. But a really brilliant application of SMS.

Smartphone gamers decode half a year of CRUK's genetic data in one month.  I mentioned this a few weeks ago when it was launched. It seems like it’s rapidly becoming all sorts of awesome.

Seven inspirational Instagram campaigns from WaterAid. Very impressive use of Instagram. Not like mine.

How your mobile is about to replace your wallet.  We all need to get with the mobile wallet programme. This from the Telegraph will help you.

FEC split decision could lead to fewer political mobile campaigns. We need this here. Not the split decision, but the ability to fundraise for political parties using mobile.

Infographic: Today’s Top Mobile Usage Trends. Geek out with data presented in an INFOGRAPHIC of all things.

11 Responsively Designed Nonprofit Websites to Study and Learn From. Get. A. Mobile. Optimised. Web Site.

NB> I'm loving that Getty are now allowing all images to be embedded, so expect some ridiculous stock photography to be used in future MobileMagic posts. This one was found searching for "hipster mobile phone".