Friday, 31 May 2013

I've been collecting mobile facts & stats again...

Killing time...

Last week some of you said you liked this.

A collection of things that the Open Mobile Team circulates to the rest of the agency on a weekly basis. 

Study Shows SMS Use On Smartphones Highest In The Evening
. A graph – the Open Mobile team likes graphs. I keep thinking we should make and publish more of our own given how much data we analyse - Like this one that we put on the Open blog a while ago.

Smartphone Adoption Tips Past 50% in Major Markets... First time a report puts UK smartphone penetration at over 50%. I think.

5 tips to creating a better mobile landing page Mostly obvious, but good to remind ourselves. BIG BUTTONS! And Six design tips for making your website senior friendly

Wonder if we can convince Twitter to do this for mobile number? Twitter Advertising: Capture user interest with the Lead Generation Card.

This one is a bit sales focussed but worth ploughing through. Permission is KEY to location based mobile services… Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Location Based Mobile Marketing Questions

Report: Smartphones win as the most popular social media device in Australia.. No real surprise there then. But lots of other social media facts as well.

(photo from Elvin)

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