Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Smartphone addiction

I've stopped reading books this year.  I used to be a book a fortnight type of person on my short commute to work. Instead, I stare at my phone.  And I'm not alone, all around me, people are staring at their phones as well.

So I was pleased to find this video.  It's full of people in South Korea talking about their relationships with their smartphones.

It seems that this addiction is universal.

In Q2 2010 UK smartphone penetration was 26.5%.

This trend isn't going to reverse.

56% of smartphone users access the internet on their phone according to 22% of all phones users, (according to Ipos).  This is another trend that isn't going to reverse.

So, more people are getting smartphones and those people with smartphones use their phone to access the internet more than those with standard phones.  You can see where this is going right.

I'm currently working on a really interesting project for a client where we plan to fuse mobile internet and SMS messages together to reduce attrition rates.  A key objective is to claim a space on the supporter's phone and stay there.

If you're not already it's probably time to start thinking about how your supporters are using mobile and how you can use mobile to keep them engaged with the work you are doing.

The video comes from Google, there are lots of great videos to be found on their YouTube channel.

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