Wednesday 27 July 2011

Small budget? Amazing execution...

So I regularly talk about how brilliant I think video is for communicating complex messages simply.

I usually say that a short video delivered to a supporters mobile phone is a fantastic way of welcoming or updating them...

This video is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Have a watch.

Shelter Scotland on Foursquare from Shelter Scotland on Vimeo.

The Foursquare partnership is worth a blog post in itself, as it's very clever and I hope very successful.

Explaining how to use Foursquare to donors and promoting the offer sit together really well.

But the thing I LOVE about this video is the way it's been put together.

Every time I blog about video I worry about the cost of producing them. This doesn't look like it needed to be that expensive to make.

It's brilliant because it gets the message across simply and the lo-fi production really works.

I think I want to make one.


  1. HI Paul,

    Conrad here for Shelter Scotland. Just a heads up that the video was created in house. We drew all of the graphics by hand and animated them using a combination of stopmotion photography and old school animation in Flash.

    Originally the video had a voice-over but we thought it would be better conveyed with only images and text, plus it's super important to get a catchy tune ;)

    Thanks again for your support and blog post!

  2. No worries, thanks for the comment ;)

    Think you made the right choice re voice-over, works brilliantly as it is.

    Thanks for dropping by!