Saturday, 8 February 2014

Instagram for fundraising... really?!

Maybe so.


  1. Yes, got to be worth a test. Not too sophisticated of course - no targeted audience, no A/B testing, one amount fits all, but measurable. And an easy re-use of existing content, probably (just re-sized appropriately) from Twitter, Facebook etc.

    1. Thanks for commenting Howard! I think SMS is a great way of lifting response from social. Never the central focus, it won't drive the volume of response but with thought and imagination a great source of donors with limited spend...

  2. Using instagram for fundraising is a fantastic idea, its a way to get the message across to thousands of people

  3. the advance in social media have only benefited charities in my opinion. Take the ice bucket challenge for example, look how quickly that caught on because of the use of social media, in particular, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.