Monday, 29 July 2013

MobileMagic: including for one week only the term 'mocial'

Saturday night alright for disaster text giving. The USA view on when people give text donations.

Text message campaigns used for more than just sales. Using SMS quizzes to drive engagement. We must do this...

This is important, from the Press Gazette. More views on the BBC website from mobile than desktop… The BBC passes mobile landmark. And that matters why?

A little thank you goes a long way. One of ours from the blog. Using outdoor to thank Plan UK donors.

Mobile is social, social is mobile. Snappy insights with a fundraising focus from the fab Clare Kerr. I met someone recently who called it mocial. (Yes mobile & social). We must never use this phrase.

Some interesting stuff from Africa – you might want to flick through the first few slides quickly…How mobile technology is transforming Africa.

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