Friday 24 May 2013

Mobile facts and things that I've gathered in the last week...

I send an email to my colleagues from time to time highlighting the mobile things that catch my eye...

You might be interested. If you are I might post them here or on the Open blog more often.

SMS open rates are 99%+. That’s just silly. And most are opened within 3 minutes…

Almost Half the Guardian’s Web Traffic is Mobile. Which is a lot. We spoke to a client this week who gets 60% of all traffic via mobile. That is a lot as well.

EE Bringing 4G to Glastonbury; Which in my opinion is the moment ‘Glasto’ died. But a sign of how quickly we will all get used to, then demand 4G.

Foursquare Uses Text Messaging To Increase App Downloads - Foursquare is a funny thing. I unlocked the 'Molto Buono' badge this week. But I go to a lot of Italian restaurants.

11 ways to improve the navigation on your mobile site – my advice. MAKE THE BUTTONS BIGGER.

Any good?

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