Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fwd: Buy an extra pint this Christmas

So far being a Send a Cow supporter has been brilliant.

Thank you
Hunger-busting gifts for Christmas
It's less than three weeks to go till Christmas, and thoughts are turning to all that delicious festive fare. As you stock up on your favourite food and drink, why not buy an extra special few pints for families in Africa too?
With our Provide Milk gift, you could deliver hope to people going hungry this Christmas. Just £20 is enough to provide a child with a pint of nutritious milk a day – the recommended amount – for a whole year. It's an udderly brilliant gift for a friend or relative, and a real boost to the health of families in Africa.
Margaret from County Down has already added a gift of Provide Milk to her Christmas round this year. Cheers to you Margaret, and to all our other gift buyers.
Provide Milk Teach Food Nutrition Provide 2 Dairy Goats
Why not buy a share of a cow which will provide healthy and nutritious milk to a child for a year? That's a pint a day – the recommended amount!
By teaching families the best ways to plant and grow veg, and by giving essential cooking and nutrition skills, we help mothers make the most of what they grow.
Goats are great for those people who are too weak to cope with anything larger. They still ensure the family has enough milk to drink and sell, and provide plenty of manure to grow crops year on year.
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Build a Fuel Saving Stove Provide a Dairy Cow
Traditional cooking fires can produce lots of health-harming smoke. A Fuel Saving Stove directs smoke away from the cooking area, meaning that families can gather together safely. Because they use two-thirds less fuel than traditional stoves, they prevent deforestation and free up the time it takes to collect wood.
It's not just a cow we provide but everything that's needed to look after her. Training in animal husbandry, nutrition, veterinary care, shelter construction and more. Not only that, our cows live around four times longer than cows in the UK!
Watch a video of this gift in action! 
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