Saturday 19 November 2011

Water Works; new campaign from WaterAid and it's good!

Ross Bailey sent me the link to the the new WaterAid campaign Water Works.

A simple call to action and proposition "Tell world leaders today: Water Works!"

Governments can do so much more to tackle the global water and sanitation crisis. Taps and toilets save lives and are cheap, simple and effective. And yet hundreds of millions live without these basic human rights, trapped in a life of poverty, disease and wasted opportunity. In April 2012 world leaders are meeting in Washington DC to discuss action on water and sanitation. We need to tell them: Water Works!

It's yet another example of how video can articulate a complex message extremely simply.

I love it. It's a really well put together campaign and I hope it does really well.

Get involved. Sign up and share the message in your social networks.

They've also created this great infographic.

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