Sunday 2 July 2017

MobileMagic: the gap between Glastonbury & IOF edition...

Why you should care about bots if you care about social justice.  This is a great article that brings the application of bots to our world.

Inside the surge of social good bots on Facebook Messenger. More bots. Some practical examples of bots for good. I wish there was another word other than bot.

WhatsApp rises as a major force in news media.  From the BBC. TBH I was surprised to see WhatsApp above Twitter. But like it says in the article, 'private is popular', so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

Social Listening Resulted in Most Successful Email Campaign Ever. Super interesting stuff on how to fuse what your supporters are saying online with your email programme.


Some of you probably know that MobileMagic started off as an email I send to colleagues to highlight the bits and bobs that I spot online that I hope would be of interest.

It gets shared quite far and wide now - so much so that I get loads of requests every week to be added to the email list. But I'm not great at the admin as it's all so manual.

So, I’m setting up an email newsletter to cover political campaigning, mobilisation, activism and fundraising from a digital & technology perspective. Quite similar to MobileMagic to be honest in terms of content, Lo-Fi style, sarcastic tone & frequency - but easier to sign up to and unsubscribe from. You can sign up here. It would be ace if you could share it around the internet for me.

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