Sunday 9 July 2017

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What follows is the first edition of my newsletter. It will contain a collection of political campaigning, mobilisation, activism & fundraising articles - all with a digital/tech slant. As well as the occasional unrelated but wonderful thing...

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This is the first edition of ‘Do Something. Anything.’ At some stage I’ll should probably come up with a better name for it. Or maybe I won’t. I really don’t know.

It’s going to be a semi frequent collection of things I find on the internet that have something to do with political campaigning, mobilisation, activism & fundraising - all from a digital or technology perspective. I’m also going share things that I just love or am obsessed by - could be a song, a picture or a story. And I promise future editions won't have as rambling an intro as this one does. Promise.

Here’s the stuff that’s been in my world recently.

I just backed this crowdfunder to help create Level Up. Level Up is a new feminist organisation launching in 2017. Its mission: to build a community of people across Britain who can work together to end sexism. And in their own words “Level Up will mobilise the energy and potential of feminists in the UK. We’ll use digital tools to build a community of hundreds of thousands of people, and equip them with the tools to tackle sexism wherever they find it.” I met Carys last week. It’s a really exciting project. Take a look, I reckon you will like it.

Want to Fund the Resistance? Test Everything. Fast. I have a huge crush on the Mobilisation Lab and this article will show you why. A detailed look at how Greenpeace are testing ALL of their digital approaches to supporter recruitment. When I grow up I want to be just like the Mobilisation Lab...

Labour won social media election, digital strategists say. I loved the Labour digital election. From inside my bubble it looked as if it was going well. I refused to believe it. But it looks as if it did go well. Seems the Labour tactic of building a base rather than attacking the other lot was a solid one.

Linked to that, is this, 'How a group of civic technologists helped influence the election..

Anti-travel ban messages found on Trump hotel in D.C. Top Trump trolling from Amnesty.

How our narrowing social circles create a more unequal world. This depressed and inspired me at the same time.

I’m sure you know this picture.

The Amplifier Foundation are the incredible organisation behind it. They describe themselves as ‘an art machine for social change’. The crowdfunder to get the image above and others in the papers on the day of Trump’s inauguration captured the imagination of people all over the world and was an incredible success.

I found out about the Amplifier project because I follow Ernesto on Instagram. I reckon you’d like his account. He. Is. Dope.

This looks like a great event. Where are we marching? The future of protest. Tuesday 11th at the Imperial War Museum. I can’t go, so if you go, let me know what it was like.

I spoke at the Institute of Fundraising conference with Fiona last week. It was fun. Some people wrote some things about us.

Data is everything. By Kirsty Marrins.

Mobile technology can transform donations, says digital fundraiser. In Third Sector.

My takeaways from the IoF Convention. Stephen Cotterill in Civil Society.

And I wrote something for UK Fundraising about our adventures in NYC with Tom Hanks, Facebook Live and Facebook Donate: We had a quick look into the future and it all looks well. It was a blast.

That will do for edition one.

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Cheers, Paul

I love music. I'm currently obsessing over this Horace Andy Dub record.

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