Tuesday 1 November 2016

MobileMagic: the tell me he can't win edition...

I saw this from Hillary and loved it. And then someone from her team shared some results and I loved it again. But to be honest all I am today is scared that Trump might win. Tell me he won’t.

7 days left to text your way to victory. Another article on how SMS is being used to power the campaigns in the USA presidential race.

Amnesty SMS-activism. I love this from Amnesty in Norway.

KLM plans to turn conversation threads into customer journeys. KLM are doing good things in Messenger - when I came back from IFC the other week I could have my boarding pass sent to me via Messenger. So I did. Very modern.

Study Shows That 75% of Global Internet Access Will Be From Mobile This Year. Like you don’t know this. You really should know this. Mobile is digital and digital is mobile after all.

A job advert. Samaritans are looking for a Product Manager to focus on Instant Messaging. I’ve not seen this anywhere else and it shows how messaging is moving from innovation to the mainstream.

What’s lost when telephone calls disappear. Someone amazing sent me this article. I can’t remember who. It’s a dead interesting read.

​Tell me he can't win. Please...​

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