Sunday 14 August 2016

MobileMagic: the Sunday in front of Mo addition

I was in the USA last week. At DC airport on the way back I bought this. 

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Mobile banking on the rise as payment via apps soars by 54% in 2015. This type of stuff is really important to us. The more people move money around using their phones, the more opportunity there is for fundraising. Which brings me neatly to this. M-commerce: has the mobile web finally won?

Snapchat users getting older. Probably superseded by Instagram Stories? BTW, my Instagram Story is exactly as you'd expect.

Turkish Protesters Are Spray Painting "" and "" On Walls — Here's What It Means. Protest is so so different in this digital age. Love this story.

Money as Message. A great article about money and messaging.

And then this. Charity: water using chatbots to take donations in Facebook messenger. A tiny rant: There is already comment online which suggests Charity: water have delivered an awful experience, that no human wants to give in this way, which IMHO is kind of missing the point. I don’t think anyone wants to give to a robot. But, this step one in the development of the technology, it will get better. Those that invest or at least keep aware of emerging tech will do better as the world changes, than those that seek to pick holes in progress. RANT ENDS.

Lots to learn from the US presidential race. Look at Hillary Clinton with her fancy approach to winning. "No matter where you are, you can help Hillary win in November. All you need is a smartphone”.

And finally. How charities are adopting WhatsApp. Includes some quotes from your favourite chap from Somerset. (That’s me by the way).

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