Monday 30 May 2016

Telling a story simply...

You've probably guessed that I'm increasingly in awe of the people at MSF.

The humanitarian crisis in Europe has really touched me, so I've been researching and engaging with a lot of organisations who are working there to help.

MSF are the organisation who have impressed me the most for a whole range of reasons.

One of them is they way they are telling the story of what they are doing and the people they are helping.

It's positive when it can be, heartbreaking when it's heartbreaking and most of all - it feels authentic. So whether it's updates from their boat in the Mediterranean or stories from the camps in Europe, they are telling stories in an authentic voice in a way that's grabbing my attention.

I don't know the internal workings of MSF, but I can only assume that to deliver this masterclass in digital communications they've kept it simple. It's clear they trust their staff to tell the story in real time, that they're looking for the human stories and that they recognise that the simple tools of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are invaluable in building communities and support around the issues. We can all learn a lot from them.

More great examples follow...

Syrian refugee, Elham holds her son Ahmad in their makeshift home, they have found temporary safety in Kafar Kahel informal settlement

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