Sunday, 8 March 2015

MobileMagic: the California dreaming edition

Girls, mobile technology and the internet. Great stuff from Plan UK.

Spanish politicians try to woo voters over WhatsApp. In my team at work we’re replacing pointless emails with pointless WhatsApp messages. Whatsapp groups are the new Yammer or some such nonsense.

Call centres replaced by WhatsApp customer support. Did I mention I likes WhatsApp?

Are We Watching the Death of SMS? No. Not yet. The world is speeding up. But not yet.

3 police-monitoring apps help build community movements. I've said it before, so here goes again, the Mobilisation Lab is an ace resource for people like us.

Record highs for mobile access. My buddy Richard blogs good stuff. He’s been digital since the ZX81.

I'm off to LA for work. So I made this playlist. Enjoy. 

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