Sunday 25 January 2015

A short story about my mum...

I'd like to tell you a really short story.

It's a true story.

My Mum went to Argos when she was pregnant with my sister, that must have been 1983.

She was there to buy an exercise bike.

She was a very frequent Argos customer. She loved it there. She went a lot and used to spend a lot of money there.

She was very very pregnant. The exercise bike was a big and heavy thing.

So she asked the bloke behind the counter to help her with the big and heavy exercise bike to her car.

He said no. So she did it herself. She didn't make 'much' of a fuss.

That was 32 years ago.

She hasn't spent a single penny in any Argos shop ever since and she tells anyone who will listen not to either.

Nobody at Argos knows this. I'm only mentioning it now because she was going on about it again last night over dinner.

Customer service matters, in our world we call it Supporter Service, if we get it wrong it will cost us a lot of money and we will never know why.

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