Sunday 5 October 2014

MobileMagic: the Fight the Power edition

How Hong Kong ProtestersAre Connecting, Without Cell Or Wi-Fi Networks. Mesh networks, maybe one way we can take back the internet.

Hong Kong protesters targeted by smartphone spy apps, security company says. Yes it’s a cliché. But mobile phones are now central to protest…

Greenpeace Canada's First Engagement street teams meeting more people (and raising more money). Not totally mobile but totally fascinating. How Greenpeace street teams are evolving. Money comes at some point, but the first interaction is about the cause and the campaigns. Love. It.

Shelfie could put an end to ‘out of stock’ items. Really. Do we really need this? The answer is no.

Can ‘sexual consent’ app Good2Go really reduce assaults on campus? FFS. What a world we live in if this is a thing.

Why Now for Apple Watch. A decent Apple watch article.

Angry Birds maker Rovio lays off up to 130 people in Finland. < Remember Angry Birds? Wonder what the shelf life for these companies is. Seems like you need to move fast or die.

Solar-powered tent keeps festivalgoers’ devices charged. Pretty soon the internetz will be full of people using the term GLASTO and it will make me sad…. (It’s Glastonbury. Or Pilton).

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