Sunday 28 September 2014

MobileMagic: It's the Tory conference this week edition

Buying on Twitter - Pilot programme announced. You can buy things on Twitter. Soon you will be able to donate. The future of fundraising is secured… erm...

Mobile shopping officially trumps desktop. Do you have a mobile site yet?

Red Cross launches app for blood donors. An app that makes sense.

Are You Obsessed With Your Phone? I have a PowerPoint slide that says the average is 105 times a day. Yeah. Really. Count them if you don’t believe me.

Mobile users are rediscovering the pleasure of talking on the phone. Talking on a mobile phone! It. Will. Never. Catch. On.

New Mobile App Will Change the Way Donors Give and Nonprofits Fundraise. Hope it does well, but I’m a little sceptical, as I’m not sure this is how the mass want to give.

Phones 4u won't be the last casualty as the smartphone boom goes bust. A sad tale, with some very interesting stats on phone buying habits and smartphone penetration predictions.

Chongqin, China made a separate sidewalk for people to text and walk. Well Boris? You gonna nick this idea as well?

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