Wednesday, 2 July 2014

MobileMagic: the toss up between a Glastonbury & a World Cup subject line edition...

As UK Social Networkers Move to Mobile, Marketers Follow. Apparently, 75.3% of UK social network users will do so on their mobile phone by the end of 2014

Candy Crush for change: could your charity create the next big app? There is something in this. Games and stuff ;)

Glastonbury 2014: Music, pints and even the loos are going hi-tech at the festival this summer. A loose connection to mobile, but I had to include it as my old mate Hank (see picture) the Glastonbury bin painter, this year painted the fibreglass cows that hid the WiFi hotspots. I know. WiFi hotspots at Glastonbury.

The Convergence of Mobile Messaging Apps. Great article. This time next year, every mobile messaging app will be exactly the same. Apparently…

BBC using WhatsApp and WeChat at Indian elections. Speaking of mobile messaging, the BBC have started using WhatsApp.

Woah there, so have The Guardian… Going to Glastonbury? Add us ...

I met some nice chaps and they asked me a lot of questions about what I think. Some of my thinks ended up in this article… M-payments haven't yet met consumers' needs.

Can I borrow your pocket to recharge my phone? Who would buy these trousers? 

And last but by no means least. Don't forget about this. Anyone that wants to talk at IWITOT should apply today. As the closing date for entries in Monday 7th July.

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