Sunday 24 March 2013

UNICEF USA Tap project

This campaign film from UNICEF USA is awesome.

It makes the connection brilliantly between a social network (in this case Facebook) and how many people coming together to do small things can have a massive impact. I love it so much.

But I didn't sign up. I got as far as this screen...

Awesome, love the design, I can see that others have done it already, I can see that money is being raised and water is being provided. All good so far, then this one...

At this point I stopped. I thought to myself, do I really want to grant access to another App in Facebook. I very quickly realised that I didn't, so I didn't convert.

I talk about frictionless payment and action all the time in my day job. If we make things difficult we lose response. If we make people think too much in the digital space we don't get as many people as we could have. If we're going to really harness the power of social networks we really need to find a way to make it frictionless.

Disclosure: Yes I am geek, I know that I'm over simplifying the issue and I get that not everyone interacts with Facebook like I do. But it was a timely reminder of how fantastic creative and proposition can be wasted with a clunky response mechanism.

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