Saturday 19 January 2013

Greenpeace say thank you like a champion...

Of all the charities and campaigning groups I support, I have a real soft spot for Greenpeace. I probably give more ad hoc donations to them than anyone else as I'm constantly impressed by the range and sophistication of the actions they take.

They climb onto oil rigs in the North Sea to put pressure on Shell so I don't have to!

I love their year (2012) in review film on YouTube. As a donor it reminds me of all the actions I've helped support and gives me confidence that the view I have of them in my mind is exactly who they are.

I particularly love the line 'Thank you for everything. Let's do it again in 2013'.

And it shows me how wrong I can be. My current mobile mantra is short is the only video you should be posting. Wrong. If you've got a lot to say, take as long as it needs.

And here is the Greenpeace International thank you film. Beautiful.

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  1. Spot on Paul. I also support Greenpeace financially and they correspond with me like a demon. I don't find it annoying, and I don't think I will do in the future as long as the correspondence is relevant. They produce fantastic videos showing me what they’re up to and because it’s great content I don’t take any notice about the frequency of emails!