Tuesday 12 June 2012

Not all telly is painful to watch

I was reminded of this video today. I think I first saw it in someone's presentation at last years IFC conference in Holland.

The thing I love about it the most is the fact that a bus company (I think, my Danish isn't that good!) can tell such a beautiful story and make me feel so emotionally involved.

I find a lot of TV adverts quite painful to watch, some make me very grumpy indeed, but seeing this film again made me think that a lot of commercial companies actually do story telling and emotion very well. Some other examples are Mastercard...

And of course the T-Mobile ad filmed at Heathrow...

I never ever thought it was possible to get misty eyed over a film for a bus company, a credit card or a mobile phone provider. But whoever made these films kept it simple and focussed on human emotion. Music and images are blended beautifully and the outcomes are clear. All three made me feel great.

As a fundraiser I am always looking to learn from other sectors and now I'm now looking in new places.

NB. Lesley just told me about this one. Proctor & Gamble!

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