Thursday 1 March 2012

An amazing few days in Arnhem with Greenpeace

I’ve just got back from the Greenpeace Digital Mobilisation Skillshare in Arnehm. It’s an event like nothing else I’ve ever attended.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to talk about fundraising from a mobile slant. This isn’t your standard stand up and present type of event – it’s much more interesting than that! Sessions are workshop based and based on actionable outcomes. In preparation for the event I had to prepare a session outline, define what people would get out of it, and then the hard bit, deliver it!

The format of the event is brilliant, there are core sessions (like mine) defined in advance and then sessions are created as the event unfolds and participants decide that they want to know more about a particular subject or they think there is a gap in the session topics that needs filling. I loved that, I got involved in several sessions organised as the event unfolded – some were added to the timetable others were just created in the time between sessions and before dinner.

What really made it, were the other participants. I know that Greenpeace people are a passionate bunch, but my experience was previously limited to the UK staff. In the last few days I’ve met people from the Greenpeace network from all over the world and their passion and enthusiasm for what they do is genuinely inspiring.  

It’s been an incredible few days. And I can’t wait to do it again sometime soon.

Thank you Greenpeace and all my new found friends from the Digital Mobilisation Skillshare!

Oh and search the #GPDMS hashtag on twitter and connect with some of those people, they are awesome.

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