Tuesday 26 April 2011

QR Codes, newspapers & non profits

I blogged earlier in the year about a growing obsession I have with QR Codes.  I’m really interested in how they can be used to dramatically enhance charity and non profit organisations print appeals and advertising, by creating easy links to content that will bring appeals alive with images, sound and video.

So I was really impressed with the use of QR Codes by Reporters Without Borders to support a recent press campaign.  A great concept, a link to the website and thankfully a donation ask!

This short video shows how simple and effective the campaign was.

There is a lot of cynicism surrounding QR Codes, probably quite rightly because no-one really knows if consumers are going to accept them at the volume required to drive mass use by fundraisers.  But this example shows the significant potential of fusing smartphones, video and print together to create really powerful fundraising messages that are more relevant for the potential supporters of today and tomorrow.

As I said in my previous post, there is much more to QR Codes than supporting print, but it seems a great place to start.

Again found on the Osocio website. 

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