Monday, 23 May 2016

MobileMagic: The don't encourage the Donald edition...

Android Pay launches in the UK to rival Apple and Samsung Pay. Finally. With both Android and Apple now offering NFC payments we might start to see some fundraising innovation here.

99check Lets Your Kids Check In With a Selfie. The best ideas come when we focus on existing behaviours. I don’t love this idea, but I do love the thinking...

With the iPhone SE, Apple has stumbled upon the product customers actually want. Makes for an interesting read. Who wants fancy when function really will do just fine.

Is Personal Sharing Leaving Facebook For Dark Social? Yes! When Ali from BSD used the phrase Dark Social the other day I styled it out, but on the inside I was like ‘YES!’ I really believe in this. We’re going to be doing a lot with this. Don’t scoff, it will be very important to us all very soon.

Facebook ad sales to overtake Channel 4 and Sky in the UK. What’s that you say? Inserts not working as well for you??

Donald Trump really wants you to text his name to 88022. But will he ever text back? I don’t know why I included this one. I can’t get past the word Trump. Don’t read it. Don’t encourage him.

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