Wednesday, 20 January 2016

MobileMagic: The WhatsApp? edition...

Making WhatsApp free and more useful. Whatsapp goes free and says it will provide tools for business and other organisations to use. THAT LAST BIT MAKES ME EXCITED.

50,000 Text WORK to 82623 to Join Bernie Sanders’ SMS Campaign. This is a brilliant example of how our friends in the USA are better than us in the UK at using SMS as a communication channel. Join us. Send an SMS, is an incredibly frictionless way of getting our core messages out. And I love Bernie.

Mobile internet is now just the internet. Yes, yes, we know this. There is no difference. 

And to prove that last point. Amazon: Almost 70 Percent Of Holiday Customers Shopped On Mobile.

"51% of total time spent on the Internet is on mobile devices - first time ever mobile is #1" Yes, that is a link to a tweet. 

And in some shameless self promotion - there was an article on the Guardian today that wasn’t the most complimentary about Slacktivism. I disagree and wrote this ages ago. And this more recently.

Facebook Messenger Reaches 800 Million Active Users. Which is lovely, but I’m sure I read somewhere recently that Whatsapp have 900 Million.

Samaritans have been promoting Mobilise on Twitter. Smart.

New fundraising platform encourages donors to give little and often. I love the idea that giving can fit into existing behaviours.

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