Saturday, 17 October 2015

MobileMagic: the Nancy Lublin edition

Ages ago I saw the film above from Nancy Lublin and it made me cry, fuelled my obsession for what we do and more importantly what I want to do with technology. The story continues in this article: For troubled teens, help is just a text away.  

Refugee Phones. You can do so much more than sell your phone on ebay. This initiative is brilliant and deserves all our support.

Putting Mobilise into Stand Up To Cancer was very satisfying. Shows me that the potential of regular giving by SMS is still being defined...

Kantar mobile behavioral data on iPhone usage.  Some MIND BLOWING stats on how often we check our phones.

One in four UK smartphone owners does not make phone calls weekly. Well this is news. I reckon I make 5 calls a week. I have 10MB of data a month. Go figures...

No, having a smartphone doesn't mean you're not poor. Which doesn't seem obvious to all...

This from ActionAid is not mobile related, but so what, I love it. If you had to leave your home to escape the horror and violence of war, what would you take?

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