Saturday 23 August 2014

MobileMagic: The I am 43 on Monday edition...

2009 Emergency Gazacampaign. Here is the 2009 Save the Children Gaza SMS campaign. Tragic how nothing seems to change...

A quarter of US Android phone users drive data traffic. Just the sort of geek stats I like.

There’s Finally an Anti-Selfie App. We all know someone who could do with this. I am the person I know who could do with this.

Texting lives on, despite rise of OTT. But fax marketing is dead. As a dodo.

Contactless payment donkey rides are a thing now. For those moments when you just need to get on a donkey but just don’t have the cash…

Global Social Media Users Pass 2 Billion. And this week's % of people who access social media via their mobile is 77%. Which reminds me I once said ‘Mocial’ in a meeting, (Yes, Mobile & Social = Mocial), I’ve never forgiven myself. And I don’t think you should let me forget it.

Some more. Internet and mobile use in the UK. Geek out with this stat laden infographical from We Are Social.

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