Sunday, 1 June 2014

MobileMagic: the nieces were up for the weekend edition...

Texting on the toilet may be a good use of time - but it's a sign we're under too much pressure. In my mobile presentations I say 20% of UK adults admit to using their phone while on the loo, seems I am very wrong.

What is adaptive web design (AWD) and when should you use it? Just when you were used to the term ‘responsive’ you need to learn another one. Otherwise people may laugh at you behind your back.

St Paul's in Your Pocket brings services at cathedral to users' smartphones. This makes me super proud of Open. A little mention in the Guardian. When I told the nieces they just started at me.

Affluents Prefer Smartphones for Charity Donations, Food Purchases. I don’t believe ‘affluents’ is a proper word. But whoever they are, it seems they like making charity donations on their phones.

Samsung PowerSleep App: Help Fight Cancer. Using the computing power of phones while we are not using them. Love it.

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