Wednesday 21 May 2014

MobileMagic: The Euro Elections Edition

Cold-water-challenge raises heck-load of money: Number bonanza! The Norwegian #nomakeupselfie as told by Beate. Beate is awesome. Follow her on Twitter.

Solar-powered sunglasses notify owners if they’ve left them behind. This is clever, not sure if it’s needed, but clever…

Tesco to launch own-brand smartphone. Smartphone penetration in the UK is 60%. This is going to help push that number up.

Marketers miss the mark on millennials by overthinking mobile. < I included this one because I love this line “convoluted campaigns that require consumers to complete multiple steps are more likely to fall flat with this demographic than others’. Amen.

Tribeca Film Festival NFC-enabled posters tapped 8,195 times. NFC is starting to grab me. QR Codes are sooooooo 2009.

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