Sunday, 17 November 2013

MobileMagic: the big apple edition

The smartphone and the customer journey: a Google perspective. Projecting smartphone penetration to be 75% at the end of the year.

Legion trials cashless technology for Birmingham Poppy Appeal. An actual NFC fundraising example. Blimey.

Mobile Is Eating The World. Some people don’t seem so sure. But, it is where the people are.

And if that isn’t enough. This presentation is BRILLIANT. You will steal lots of these slides for your presentation.

Mobile now drives 28% of all web traffic. A new report says 28% of all web traffic is via mobile, a 67% increase from Q3 in 2012.

McDonald’s mobile payments ambitions grow internationally. McDonalds get it. And they shift some burgers.

I took this picture on the NYC subway last week.

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