Tuesday 23 July 2013


This weeks collection of mobile things...

Donors Happy with Text Donations and Want to Hear More From You Through Text Messaging. Some interesting insights from the USA. With a link to a fuller report.

Five Ways to Build Your Nonprofit’s Mobile Subscriber List. I will stop going on about this soon. Why is no UK charity doing this at scale!?

Five Nonprofits Maximizing YouTube’s Nonprofit Program. YouTube is becoming increasingly important to our clients mobile stewardship strategies.

Love this example from Oxfam, with the SMS call to action in the header. YouTube must be one the best dwell time places to put a call to action ever…

There was a mobile for non profits in the USA last week. I’m still sulking that I didn’t go… These two articles about the American Red Cross are worth a read.

Red Cross exec claims mobile traffic reaches tipping point.

Mobile Giving exec: $10 text-to-give threshold complicates mobile fundraising.

Not just mobile but I love this quarterly update on all things tech & mobile. You might as well.

A cartoon from 2011 that is relevant today.

19 pc of consumers use phone in place of worship.

That's all folks.

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