Saturday, 15 September 2012

I really want to be Head of Mooobile!

You know I love Send a Cow right?

When all of us at Open were given £1,000 to give to any charity we wanted, I chose Send a Cow, because I think they are brilliant. I gave them £750, they sent a cow to a family in Africa. And cows matter, because a cow gives a family milk, fertiliser and calves.

But just as importantly for someone who does what I do, I love the way that they fundraise. Their Thank You campaign last year was inspired - exactly the type of thing all charities should do, no excuses. Big or small you can thank your donors as well as Send a Cow does.

I didn't think that they could top the Thank You campaign, but they have. They have just launched Win a Cow - a fabulous competition.

And what a launch!

On Thursday the team at Send a Cow came to London with a life sized 'milking cow' and got in the way of a lot of commuters. Love it.

I would have loved to have been Head of Mooobile for the day..... Sorry.

So what's the competition? Basically you can win a life sized fibreglass cow. 


The cow in the pictures above is at the Lambeth Country Show today promoting the competition. The Send a Cow team tell me that they will be at many more UK landmarks and events in the coming weeks.

I think it's a great idea, as it's a fun and original way for Send a Cow to reach out and interact with families (a key target audience) and to generate prospects for future fundraising activity. At a time when fundraising is tough, it's refreshing to see an organisation put a lot of effort behind something a bit different - I hope it works really well for them.

But don't think you're going to win. Because that cow is mine.

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