Monday 9 January 2017

MobileMagic: the 2017 will be better than 2016 edition...

'We never made a promise we wouldn't run ads' - Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales on being ad-free in an ad-crazy world. Head food.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Growth Outpaces Instagram, Twitter. This is significant news. Messaging platform growth beating Twitter & Instagram could suggest that we the people, want to make our social networks private...

Watch Steve Jobs introduce the iPhone 10 years ago today. The launch that sparked a million arguments over what type of phone was better. I mean really. It’s a phone. All phones do very similar things. Saying that I just got the new Pixel from Google and it’s lush.

Facebook Messenger now allows payments in its 30,000 chat bots.  I won’t stop going on about this stuff.

For Millions of Immigrants, a Common Language: WhatsApp. A fab article which amongst over things talks about how these messaging platforms bring families that are separated by thousands of miles together. Which is a great thing.

Key Digital Trends for 2017.  This attempt at predicting the future from Ogilvy is superb. I love the bit on messaging and chatbots. I really won't stop going on about this stuff...

New Oxfam app aims to rebuild trust in charities and increase donations. Hope this does well.

All previous editions of MobileMagic are archived here if you want to find an old one.

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