Sunday 11 December 2016

HOLY F*CK BREXIT! (not entirely safe for work).

Some of you know that I post a series of blogs called MobileMagic where I collect news, views and things I think may be of interest to you - all with a charity, fundraising, activism, digital, mobile slant.

You probably don’t know that it’s sourced from a semi frequent email round up that I send my colleagues at Open, which over time has also been sent to an ever growing list of friends and clients who’ve asked to get it. I like doing the email more than the blog posts as it creates two way discussion between me and and anyone who gets it who wants to have a chat - something that happens more than I ever expected it would.

So on Friday I was beyond delighted to receive an email from Chloe Green who is on the email list.

Chloe explains better than me...

“You shared a link to the brilliant website, which thus inspired me and my pal Joe Hart to create our own Brexit edition:

We got permission from the creator, Clara, to use her design and branding, and we're launching it as a sister-from-across-the-pond campaign.”

You have to look at what they’ve created. It’s incredible. And it deserves to be shared far and wide. I did none of the work whatsoever, but have a mini beam of pride that MobileMagic had something to do with making it happen.

If you want to be added to the email list, send me an email with your full name and a little bit about yourself, for no other reason other than I’m nosey and like to meet people.

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