Tuesday, 20 December 2016

MobileMagic: the last one of 2016 (probably)

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram in a Single Inbox for Businesses: I know I go on about messaging a lot. I know I do. And I’m sorry. But you’ll thank me in the end.

WhatsApp and Facebook have highest usage frequency: Two messaging apps are the most frequently used social platforms. In the whole wide world. Some caveats apply...

OPINION: Person-to-Person Messaging is the Future of Mobile Communication: Opinions from the bloke that made Hustle, the peer to peer texting application used to great success by the Bernie team.

Mobile is eating the world: Very good brain food from Benedict Evans.

Weekend news readers phone it in: How mobile changes the way we consume the news.

Amazing Instagrammage of an ad we had a hand in making.

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