Saturday 26 November 2016

MobileMagic: The I can't even begin edition...

In a post US election world the world is a gloomy place. So I give you
this (it’s very very rude so don’t click if the word fuck offends).

Why do diplomats use this alien WhatsApp emoji for Vladimir Putin? I just utterly and completely love this article as it articulates perfectly how tech is helping us communicate better. Bet they also send each other cat pics like what I do.

I am a huge fan of MSF and have become addicted to their @MSF_Sea twitter account. This article explains all.

As you know I can obsess about how activists and protest groups use technology to mobilise support for their causes. Here a couple of brilliant articles that feature the water protests in North Dakota.

SMS and driving. A very good film about not doing that. And linked to that - this from the Guardian. US regulators seek to reduce road deaths with smartphone 'driving mode'.

All previous editions of MobileMagic are archived here if you want to find an old one.

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