Monday 2 May 2016

MobileMagic: The blank holiday edition...

When a New Cell Phone Almost Ruins Your Relationship...I just, I mean, I just don’t have the words. I more than most think that your phone is really important. But this, this is just silly.

Presentation: Mobile is eating the world. This, (from Benedict Evans) is a must read. It contains all sorts of facts and stats to feed your brain. 

Mobile to become dominant device by 2019. More brain food. By 2019 mobile will grab more online time than all other devices combined.

Apple says the average iPhone is unlocked 80 times a day. What are we looking for? Entertainment probably. Distraction from what we should be doing. Likes? We’re looking for something… It’s probably not there.

End of SMS? WhatsApp and Facebook messages outstrip texts by three times. No. Probably not the end of SMS. But the end of voice?

WhatsApp activates end-to-end encryption for one billion users. Just ask David Cameron

German city installs traffic lights in pavements to protect texting pedestrians. Yes. We live in a world where this is necessary. 

This weeks messaging bit...

Our growing obsession with WhatsApp… Our blog post on the subject.

Great Western Railway receives 4,731 customer inquiries on Facebook Messenger.

TD Bank streamlines customer service via mobile on Facebook Messenger.

WhatsApp in higher education: A UEA case study. Seems to be a reoccurring theme this WhatsApp thing. 

And the final bit. The FEELTHEBERN section.

Inside Bernie Sanders's Social Media Machine.

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