Sunday 3 April 2016

MobileMagic: the Baklavakoma edition

The Messages That Hold Refugee Families Together. An incredible film once you get past the really annoying ad.

Text Messaging May Solve One Major Problem In The Refugee Crisis. A hackathon came up with this neat idea.  

Unused mobile data can be turned into monetary donations. Erm. Who the flip has left over data at the end of the month!

British Vogue tests breaking fashion news alerts on WhatsApp. As you know, I’m dead fashionable me. So I will be signing up instantly. 

Businesses Get Their Chatbots Ready For Facebook Messenger. More messaging stuff. I know I go on about it. But it’s coming.

New Jersey Proposes Bill to Outlaw Texting While Walking. If I was London Mayor, chunter, mumble, expletive, mumble, chunter, chunter, mumble, expletive…

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