Wednesday, 23 December 2015

MobileMagic: the that's it for 2015 edition...

Want to Boost Your Fundraising? Use Video. I’m a massive fan of video. More video in 2016.

Smartphones to die out 'within five years', says new study. Along with direct mail, the internet and talking. Apparently.

Beat the journey to work this Christmas with the CommuteLondon app. We aren’t happy unless we’re moaning on Twitter about our commute in. This brings it all together and makes the whining useful.

Make 2016 the year your organisation drives social media growth. So. Not really mobile. But very very useful. From someone who has done it.

10 Trends for 2016. They can see the future they can.

Instagram usage doubles in last two years. I’m seeing loads of charity ads there all of a sudden and some of you still ain’t on it. I am, say hello there.

Top Cameras and Brands on Flickr in 2015. I loves Flickr but until very recently wouldn’t post cameraphone shots there. Odd. But seems I am in the minority. This fab article shows, if it needed to be, that cameraphones are the thing. My Flickr is here if you’re interested…

"Mobile isn't killing desktop. It's killing all our free time." May have posted this before…. still.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that Digital is Mobile and Mobile is Digital. So expect more ​stuff that hits that brief next year.

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