Saturday 9 August 2014

MobileMagic: the words fail me edition

Before we begin. The DEC appeal for Gaza has been launched. Text DEC to 70000 to give £5.

This tweet from Brendan Paddy, Head of Communications at the DEC tells you all you need to know about Mobile in August 2014.

From cameras to keycards, everyday devices killed off by the smartphone. A wise person once told me years ago that the future of fundraising would be driven by ‘convergence’ the moment when all our stuff was crammed into a single communication device. I thought that person was bonkers. I need to apologise.

SMS Marketing Wallops Email with 98% Open Rate and Only 1% Spam. Nothing wrong with a link that includes the word wallop.

Science Proves That Using Your Cellphone at a Concert Is Ruining the Experience. And in other news bears sometimes do their business in the woods.


Don't forget to tell everyone you know about this years 'I Wish I'd Thought of That'. I'm super proud to be involved and tickets are now on sale here.​

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