Saturday, 12 July 2014

What's going on in India and why it matters...

We Are Social do great slide deck.

This one is all about India.

Some highlights...

886.3 million active mobile subscriptions or 70% of the population.

70% of web traffic from mobile/tablet.

92 million active social media users via mobile.

You may wonder why I care..

I care because I believe that globalisation is coming for fundraising.

The rise off mobile use means that fundraising propositions can sit outside of national borders.

No credible reason why the biggest fundraising brands in the UK can't be fundraising outside of the UK.

Lots of reasons why it won't happen quickly. But it can, will and should happen.

EDIT: And as Bernard pointed out on Twitter, there is no reason why charities in other parts of the world can't generate response here.

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