Monday 27 January 2014

MobileMagic: It's been a while...

Faster Mobile Service Boosts Usage in UK. This will change how we do mobile content. 4G means more views on the things we link to.

Jimmy Wales to lead 'ethical' mobile operator. Mr Wikipedia branches out. This seems like big news to me.

The Most Staggering Smartphone Stat You’ll Read This Week. “More than 2.23 billion people worldwide, or 48.9% of mobile phone users, will go online via mobile at least monthly in 2014, and over half of the mobile audience will use the mobile internet next year,”

Coca-Cola exec: Time to scale what is working on mobile. Knowing what Coke are doing is a good thing to know.

Infographic: Why Mobile Email Marketing is No Longer Optional. If you do email. You need to be thinking about mobile. In a handy infographic. 

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