Sunday 5 January 2014

MobileMagic: Insert seasonal reference here..

App directs users to restaurants that use ‘humane meat’. I like this. Content, as the Gurus say is king. So when will more charities embrace this and use information and content to bring people close?

Barclays: 33pc of digital bankers are app-only. This is news. I wonder what percentage are mobile only…

10 Trends for 2014. Number 4. Frictionless payments. It’s why we love SMS. It’s why we know SMS isn't the only answer to the problem of getting people to give.

I’m sure I shared this fab report into global mobile things earlier in the year. But, in case I didn’t here it is.

Not strictly mobile related but I found a series of 2013 in review type videos and put them on my blog.

Greenpeace, Save the Children, Facebook and YouTube all made 2013 videos.

Happy New Year.

If you were wondering ... MobileMagic is the slightly tongue in cheek email I send to colleagues and friends on a semi regular basis, that I recently started cutting and pasting into my blog. Hence the random tone...

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