Wednesday 11 September 2013

Moved by the words of a child...

Because it’s a very good idea to meet in real life the people you ‘meet’ on Twitter I went out for a coffee and some cake with Flora yesterday. Flora is Direct Marketing Manager at Medical Aid for Palestinians. So, we had coffee and cake and we shared some fundraising stories and opinions, we had a lovely time.

Flora told me about an ad MAP ran in November last year in the aftermath of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. An ad designed and written in-house, an ad with no images, an ad that led with a quote from an 11 year old child. I asked Flora to send me the ad and she did.

It made me really angry and it’s been on my mind all day.

It's the voice of a child that makes me angry. It’s knowing that Maryam’s words are real.  

The airstrikes started on Wednesday 14th November. The ad appeared in the Guardian on the 17th

I’m a great believer that urgency and a looming deadline can often deliver the best ads.

Ads that are clear, have impact and haven’t been toned down by re-writes and interference.

It’s simple, clear, compelling, raw and authentic. And it worked. I love it.

MAP are an amazing organisation, doing amazing work. I support them, if you want to as well that would be lovely.

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