Monday 24 June 2013

Mobile bits & bobs collected in the last week...

This weeks collection of facts, stats and interesting articles that I email to my colleagues at Open and clients...

An infographic all about SMS. Showing worldwide use of SMS in a pretty picture. Apparently 1 billion text messages are sent each WEEK in the UK. The last bit made me feel a little bit sick.

This is awesome. A Twitter map that allows you to filter by mobile type. Select London and show Blackberry only. Don’t judge.

Seven inspiring examples of charity/ non-profit marketing campaigns, number one is a fab app from the American Red Cross that was used to great effect when Hurricane Sandy struck….

Smartphones and the rise of child accidents. Mobile, apparently is not great for using while you are mobile…

Starbucks says mobile payments now account for 10% of all purchases. Maybe they will pay their taxes by mobile?

Companies struggling with mobile optimisation and How usable are the UK's top 10 mobile sites? You know by now that I think all websites should look good on a mobile. All websites. NO EXCUSES.

Mark shared this one. Apple's 'iWatch' will be a huge hit – it contains some good stats on how many times a day we check our smartphones. 150+ if you’re interested.

I’m sure you saw James post about Mobilise. Over 50,000 recruits, over £550K raised and May was the first 100K month. High5!

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